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Texas Hold'em
Texas Hold'em Play NOW
Texas Hold'em, a poker game for between 2-10 players, is today among the most popular versions of Poker. The game has gained popularity, both in the US and abroad, due to its fast paced play and simple game rules. Texas Hold’em consists of 4 Betting Rounds. Throughout the game each player receives 2 facedown "Pocket Cards". 5 face-up "Community Boardcards" are placed in the center of the Table, to be shared by all the players. Each player creates the highest valued Poker hand, using any combination of his/her 2 Pocket Cards and the 5 Community Boardcards.

Texas Hold'emTexas Hold'em
Pacific PokerPacific Poker

Pai Gow Poker
Pai Gow Poker Play NOW
Pai Gow Poker is a fascinating game that combines familiar poker cards with some of the strategy of the centuries-old Chinese domino game Pai Gow. It is played with a 53-card deck (including one Joker), and each participant is dealt 7 cards. The object is to arrange the seven cards into the best 5-card and 2-card hands possible, with the stipulation that the 5-card hand has to be of higher value than the 2-card hand. To win, your 5-card hand has to beat the dealer's 5-card hand and your 2-card hand has to beat the dealer's 2-card hand. A winning combination pays 1-to-1, less a 5% commission to the house.

Pai Gow PokerPai Gow Poker
Casino TreasureCasino Treasure

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  • Poker Game Types

    Dozens of different poker game types exist nowadays. They roughly can be divided in two different parts; the poker tournament, where you play against other players in an online poker room or different poker games that you play against the dealer.

    Here are the basic rules for some poker games that you play against the dealer

    Pai Gow PokerPai Gow Poker
    Pai Gow is played with a 53-card deck - a standard deck of 52 cards and one Joker (the Joker may only be used as an Ace, or to complete a Straight, Flush or Straight Flush). Pai Gow poker is played one on one, the player against the dealer (or banker), each competing to make the best possible hands. After placing an initial bet, both player and dealer receive seven cards. The object of the game is for the player to split (or "set") the seven dealt cards into two hands - a five-card "High" hand, and a two-card "Low" hand.
    The cards must be set in such a way that the five-card hand has a higher poker rank than the two-card hand.
    For example, the player's hand is: 6,7,8,9,10,A,A.
    The player sets the pair of Aces as the Low hand, and 6,7,8,9,10 (straight) as the High hand. The dealer's hand is: 2,2,2,A,K,4,5. The dealer sets the Ace and King as the Low hand, and 2,2,2,4,5 (three of a kind) as the High hand. The player beats both the dealer's High and Low hands, thus winning the round.

    Let Them Ride PokerLet Them Ride Poker
    A player begins each hand by placing an ante on the table, which consists of three identical bets with an option of making an additional $1 bet in order to qualify for a bonus. Five cards are dealt in total. The first three cards are dealt to the player (face up) and the next two cards are placed in front of the dealer (facedown).
    At this time, the player may choose to withdraw the first bet (Bet Back) or keep it on the table (Let It Ride). The dealer then turns over the fourth card and the player must decide whether to Let It Ride or to Bet Back the second bet after which the dealer finally turns over the fifth card and the hand is scored.

    The player wins if the player's hand qualifies with at least a pair of tens, the payoff is determined by the quality of the hand. Players can win a bonus on top of their payouts if they place the additional $1 bet by drawing one of the following hands: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, or a Straight.

    Carribean PokerCaribbean Poker
    Caribbean Stud Poker is played with a standard 52-card deck of cards. To start the game, the player must first place an "Ante Bet". The dealer then gives each player five cards face-up. (On Public and Group tables the other members' cards will appear to be dealt face down.) The dealer also receives five cards; four cards dealt face down, and one card face up.
    When the player looks at his/her cards, and the dealer's Up Card, the player either challenges the dealer's hand, by placing a bet, or surrenders. The "Challenge Bet" is always equal to twice the Ante Bet. If the player chooses to "Surrender", the Ante Bet is lost.
    When a Challenge Bet is made, the dealer reveals his four remaining cards, and the hands are then compared.
    In order to qualify, the dealer's hand must contain at least one Ace and one King or better. If the dealer's hand does not qualify, the players receive a 1 to 1 payout on their Ante Bet, and the Challenge Bet is returned without additional winnings.
    Should the dealer's hand qualify (with a value of at least one Ace and one King), the player's and dealer's hands are then compared, and the best hand wins (see Poker Hand Value Chart below). A player's winning hand receives 1 to 1 on the Ante Bet, plus the winnings on the Challenge Bet, which are calculated according to the hand's value.
    When the dealer's and the player's hands are equal, it is considered a "Push", and both the Ante Bet and the Challenge Bet are returned to the player.

    Poker ThreePoker Three
    Poker Three contains two games in one. Pair Plus and Ante and Play. You may bet on one or both games.
    Pair Plus:
    This is a simple game where you place a bet, receive a hand and get paid according to your hand. The dealer’s hand is irrelevant. There is no raising or no discarding. Most casino’s pay the following prizes in Pair Plus; Pair 1 to 1, Flush 4 to 1, Straight 6 to 1, Three of a Kind 30 to 1 and Straight Flush 40 to 1.
    Ante and Play:
    This is the second game, slightly more complicated. To play the game:

    • First, place an ante. This is done just like placing a Pair Plus bet, except you click on the “Ante” field, not the “Pair Plus Bet” field.
    • Click the Deal button.
    • After viewing your hand, decide whether you want to Fold (and lose your ante) or Call (place another bet that equals your ante and see the dealer’s hand). Click on either Fold or Call button. If you fold, you also lose your Pair Plus Bet, if one was made. However, if your Pair Plus Bet paid anything, it is not likely that you want to fold.
    • If you Call, your hand is now compared to the dealer’s hand. The dealer needs a Queen or better to qualify. Here are the possible outcomes:
      Dealer does not qualify: Ante wins 1 to 1, play bet is returned
      Dealer qualifies and player beats dealer: Both play and ante win 1 to 1
      Dealer qualifies and dealer beats player: Both play and ante lose
      Dealer qualifies and dealer ties player: Both play and ante push

    In addition the Ante bet has an extra bonus that does not depend on the dealer's hand:
    Straight 1 to 1, Three of a Kind 4 to 1, Straight Flush 5 to 1.
    Please note: Aces play both high and low to a straight.

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